Km. 19.8 Carretera a Masaya, 200m al Sur, Nindiri, Nicaragua
PBX. 505 2279-9888, FAX 505 2279-5200, EMAIL:

SIP PANELES SA is Nicaragua´s Premiere Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturer and Builder

Located between Managua and Granada on Carratera Masaya SIP Paneles operates the first structural insulated panel facility in Central America.

Using proven technology from The United States and Germany, we are capable of producing a house a day.

These houses have the best R factors of any homes being built in the country today. Implementing our green construction system will provide an envelope that will reduce your cooling cost by over 30% that means saving substantial money on your home power bills!

No on location construction system has less waste at the job site. Reduced trash hauling and transport costs make it one of the greenest methods now available.

Our homes also can be erected in what would be record time for other construction methods. Additional savings on Labor and Build out time mean that higher rate construction loans can be paid back faster and total job time is reduced. Security is also less of a problem when you are able to secure a structure faster.


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